Meet the Players

Soul-singer Andie Whitewing is the lead vocalist and front-woman of Whitewing. Born and raised on the Cajun prairies of Southwest Louisiana and deeply influenced by generations of ancestors who were professional musicians, she is a fourth generation recording artist and a voice for healing and social justice. With a versatile, dynamic vocal range and styling, Andie brings deep feeling and interpretation to every performance.

Andie Whitewing, Vocalist

Raised on rock n’ roll, “East Coast” Dave Maguire found his way to the 78rpm era blues, country, and jazz of the old, weird America by connecting the dots backward from his classic rock guitar-hero influences. A veteran of rock, folk, psychedelic, avant-noise, Cajun, bluegrass, and country bands, Dave knows his musical history, but is irreverent enough to avoid mere imitation. Dave plays guitar, slide guitar, and mandolin in Whitewing.

East Coast Dave, Guitar and Mandolin

RK Antny is a multi-instrumentalist whose primary passion has always been drumming. From pots and pans as baby to Seattle Drum School as a pre-teen, he has followed that passion into adulthood and held on tightly. Raised by musicians…Mom, Dad, aunts and uncles…he was exposed to live music from infancy. When his family realized he had musical gifts, they nurtured and supported him into maturity. RK is heavily influenced by the big names in classic and modern rock, blues, jazz and funk…names like John Bonham, Ginger Baker, Billy Cobham and Buddy Rich. RK has worked in over 40 original projects with various musicians in the Pacific Northwest and is currently working in 2 bands and on a solo project cataloging his own collective works. His experience and personality lend a unique rhythmical perspective and an integral component of the Whitewing project.

RK Antny, Drums, Vocals, and More!